Top 5 NZ Poker Sites

Top 5 NZ Poker Sites

New Zealand is popular around the world for its majestic landscapes and for the freedom of gambling. New Zealand has a thriving local gambling community that can play casino games at the licensed casinos and online. Since poker is among the most loved casino games, there are plenty of platforms available for ex-pats and locals. Due to the presence of a myriad of poker sites online, it is difficult to make a choice. Our experts went a step extra to do the searching job for you and provide the options that will suit your requirements the best. These five poker sites are popular in New Zealand and are rated based on their user experience, bonuses, game mechanics, and player traffic.

Top 5 NZ Poker Sites

888 Poker

888 Poker is by far the best online poker platform known across the nation for its amazing gaming experience. One thing that attracts a lot of newcomers to this platform is their no deposit bonus of up to $88. Making a deposit will automatically reward you with a welcome bonus of up to $1000. 888 Poker is further recognized as a reliable platform because of its secure platform. You can find local and international players playing here 24/7 to give you company whenever you want.

Tiger Gaming

Tiger Gaming is another recognized name in the gambling community of New Zealand. It is known to provide a huge deposit bonus of up to $1000. There are rumors that no other platform can beat the jackpots that Tiger Gaming can offer in short periods. One can start playing on this platform for as low as $10 to start winning. The payout speed of Tiger Gaming is 1-3 days, which is considerably faster than most of the gambling platforms.


TitanBet is known for hosting some of the most popular poker tournaments in New Zealand. It offers a huge welcome bonus to the players with up to a 200% raise on the deposit. The platform also offers a learning corner for beginners to play for free, which not many pro-poker sites are offering today. They are known to keep their users happy with regular promotions. By far in this list, TitanBet has the best records for providing satisfactory customer service to all their users.

Top 5 NZ Poker Sites

Party Poker

Party Poker is an innovative poker platform that offers career progress to gamers. The players have to complete cash game missions to grow their levels. This way, they can learn slowly to become a professional. Party Poker offers $10 in spin tickets to all new players. Do not be saddened by no bonuses in the beginning, as there are a dozen of promotions that take place regularly to rewarding you.


Bet365 is an international casino brand that is popular in New Zealand as a fast and reliable gambling site. It offers a quick payment facility with over 40 different payment methods. They also have a highly responsive customer service that will help out the players with every query they submit on the same day. Different promotions are happening on Bet365 every day. Make an account today to learn about the games and rewards.